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I also offer an alteration service if you have already found your dream outfit but wish it fitted you a bit better.  Or maybe you have a loved garment that you want customising? Give me a call and we can discuss you ideas!



Before                                                                                                                                       After

Rose, thank you so much for doing such an amazing job with my wedding dress. It was beautiful and amazing to wear. I asked for a hugely extensive transformation with the lace removal and lace top. You listened to my ideas for alterations and really understood the little details I wanted. The lace top was outstanding and you went above and beyond to give a perfect dress with such high quality workmanship. I would totally recommend you - 5 stars!
— Eleanore A.


Alterations Price List Guide

Shorten Trousers From £12.00  |  Shorten Skirt From £15.00

Take In Trousers From £18.00  |  Take In Skirt From £18.00

Wedding Dress Hem From £25.00 | Wedding Dress Re-Size £35.00

Replace Zip From £20.00